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Developing a decision aid for Hodgkin lymphoma survivors considering having a lung cancer screening test

This study is now closed.

Summary of the study results

Online survey:

  • 38 people took part in the online survey
  • The decision aid booklet improved participants’ knowledge of lung cancer risk factors and screening
  • The booklet also helped people feel less uncertain about the decision they would make if invited to have a lung cancer screening test
  • Participants thought the images helped them to understand the numbers relating to risk of lung cancer after Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Some people were concerned that the booklet was too long

Focus groups with people treated for Hodgkin lymphoma:

  • 11 people took part across 2 focus groups
  • Most people thought the language, length and format of the booklet was acceptable although some suggestions were made about how it could be improved
  • Participants discussed the images (icon arrays) which showed the risk of lung cancer: some said the numbers were lower than they had expected. Everyone agreed that the images helped them to better understanding the text.
  • Although some people said the booklet was long, they also said it is better to include plenty of information rather than too little

Interviews with lymphoma practitioners:

  • Practitioners said the booklet was clear and comprehensive
  • They thought it would help people make a decision about lung cancer screening
  • Some practitioners thought that people treated for Hodgkin lymphoma would be enthusiastic about having the lung cancer screening test because of anxiety about their health
  • Practitioners thought that people treated for Hodgkin lymphoma would prefer to access their clinical team who had treated them for advice and support
  • They said that it would be helpful for them to have access to the decision aid booklet if they were supporting people who had been invited to have a lung cancer screening test

How will the results of this study be used?

  • We have considered what participants in this study said about the booklet and as a result we have made some changes to the booklet to make it clearer and to ensure it answers peoples questions
  • The booklet will be used in a future trial of lung cancer screening for people treated for Hodgkin lymphoma

If you took part in the study and want to access the Participant information sheet, click the link below:

Participant Information Sheet.

To get more information or support:

  1. Speak to your GP
  2. Seek advice and support from Lymphoma Action- they are aware of this study 
  3. via their website
  4. or their free helpline 0808 808 5555 Monday to Friday 10am-3pm
  5. a live chat option is available via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website 
  6. Cancer Research UK
  7. Macmillian Cancer Support